Despite economic fears and scepticism, Czechs are happy with the EU presidency. But hopes can turn sour fast

Nikola Hořejš, Helena Truchlá

  • The Czech EU presidency is currently popular, surprisingly more so than the Czech government.
  • Only 20 % of the Czech public feel their government is doing enough to shield them from poverty. Despite economic fears, which are currently stronger than during the economic crisis in 2009, the popularity of the EU has not dropped – yet.
  • Polls show strong support for energy independence, renewables and tackling the climate crisis, despite the Czech government’s ongoing hesitancy to pick up the pace of decarbonisation measures. On the other hand, EU enlargement, parts of the FitFor55 package, and the new migration pact are met with scepticism and the government will have a hard time selling them at home. 
  • Czechs are among the most Eurosceptic citizens in the EU, and their mood changes fast with the macroeconomic situation. Unfulfilled high hopes in efforts to tame soaring energy prices can quickly turn into a disappointment.
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